Gracewood Group is a partner with Treasures Foundation, providing financial support and services to help women in need.

About Treasures Foundation

Treasures Foundation was established to provide accommodation for women who have a history of drug abuse and offending.  The foundation offers wide-ranging practical support which assists people to develop the skills to live independently. The need for improved services for women in the criminal justice system was recognised in a report prepared by Baroness Corston in 2007.

Just over one third of women leaving prison have no accommodation arranged for them upon their release, contributing to re-offending rates. With a wealth of collective experience in working with vulnerable women within the prison system, Treasures was founded to work with local communities throughout the UK to support vulnerable women on release from prison. This is achieved by offering halfway housing, rehabilitation centres and outreach programmes that create supportive environments in which women can recover from cycles of addiction, build healthy relationships and reach their full potential.

Treasures Foundation Mission and Vision

The aim of the foundation is to break the cycles of addiction and offending behaviour with the primary purpose to deliver a service that makes a real difference to real lives.  It helps individuals recover from substance misuse to shape and sustain positive and rewarding lives.

All individuals who have substance misuse issues should have access to support that is effective in changing lives.  The Foundation believes that individuals who want support should receive support, and that all service users should and will be respected without reservation or judgement.

Gracewood Support to Treasures foundation

Gracewood Group provides financial support to the Foundation, including the housing which makes up the accommodation for women in need.

Michael Docker, Managing Partner of Gracewood, is a Trustee of the Foundation.  The Board of Trustees governs Treasures Foundation, and are responsible for the overall control, management of the administration and the safeguarding of the Foundation’s mission and vision to deliver a quality service to all service users and ensure an effective working relationship between the board and the staff/volunteers.