Gracewood Construction is the core workforce of the Group.  A significant part of Gracewood’s success can be attributed to the disciplined approach of the construction team who built its success by delivering quality, value for money and environment friendly properties on time and within budget.

Gracewood Construction operates with a structure to successfully build to specification, regardless of project size.  We are able to undertake a range of developments with a staffing organisation that is flexible, streamlined and highly motivated.  The importance of our construction team continues to grow.

The construction team is backed by top class architects, as well as the services of designers to ensure our build specifications are not only attractive to the eye, but robustly functional as well.  Inside a Gracewood constructed property, you will see how the thoughtful design and the use of high quality materials creates luxury living spaces.  Care is always taken to ensure that building materials and architecture reflect and enhance the local area, and thoughtful consideration is given to the exterior of our developments.