Gracewood's approach to property investment is entrepreneurial, while at the same time applying long-standing development capabilities and a strong discipline of pre-investment evaluation to manage risk.


Across the spectrum of core to opportunistic investments, our focus is on value-added and opportunistic investments, providing favourable returns for investors.  We work with a rapid appraisal capability along with the ability to mobilise and develop large schemes quickly. 


Currently holding a diversified portfolio across London affordabe housing areas, geography and population, we also manage risk by keeping a tight focus on identifiable, correctable developments, and by managing a timely development capability.

Our delivery model includes refurbishments, residential conversions, as well as new build homes, with varying levels of investment and risk.


Each property typically comprises one to four bedroom homes, of premium quality specifications, ideal for the private rented sector.  Locations are near to direct line transport in growth areas, most commonly targetting mid range price levels.